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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:17 pm

Please acknowledge that by pressing the close button you agree to show respect to all other players, that you have read and understood all the rules and that use your common sense throughout your playtime on this server.

There are a few rules that should not be broken under any circumstances, and if broken will result in a permanent ban. These rules include:
•   Do not spam props.
•   Do not use hacks/scripts.
•   Do not block Spawn
•   Do not spawn kill.
•   Do not ban evade.
•   Absolutely No Advertising (Servers, Products, or Otherwise)

General rules:
•   NO MassDM
•   Don't cry to us if you kill someone and they come back and kill you. Be prepared.
•   Do not mug for more than $1000.
•   Do not propblock.
•   Do not abuse fading doors.(you must use keypads and buttons... NO USING KEYBOARD TO OPEN
•   No such thing as FEARRP on this server 
   (example: if A mugs B and B runs away, A cannot call an admin and say FearRp)

•   Do not prop climb/surf.
•   No excessive punching.(Punchwhoring)
•   All fading doors must have a keypad and be open for at least 3 seconds.
•   Do not random demote.
•   OOC is Out of Character. If someone says something in it you cannot act upon it in-game otherwise that's metagaming.
•   Do not spam chat.
•   Do not exploit any glitch or part of the map.  
•   Do not disrespect staff for any reason, if you have a problem with staff report them in the Staff Demotion section.
•   If your class can raid you must use /advert raid before you raid.
•   You are not allowed to arrest somebody with a gun license for owning a weapon.
•   If you see someone on the street being attacked, you may only defend them if you share some kind of in-game relation to them, or you are a job/class that is meant to protect players (CP or SWAT)
•   Using any way to automate printer farming is against the rules.

Base Rules:
•   All fading doors must have a keypad on both sides.
•   There is a limit of 2 keypadded doors per base.
•   You need AT LEAST one entrance into your base.

• DO NOT raid for the kill.
• You may not raid another base within a 10 minute time period. This will regulate the random raids from happening, and will make choosing who you raid more valuable.
• You have 5 minutes to complete a raid, you may not go back for more items you forgotten during the raid. only one trip.
• You may not call raid inside or behind a base / building.
• Calling raid either across the street or a distance from the target is not allowed.
• If you die during a raid, you may NOT go back to the raid area until it is over.
• You must advert "Raid Over" as well as adverting "Raid".

•   You are an average person
•   You can buy a house and make it pretty, normal keypad rules apply. Buy a pet, Make a family.
•   Citizen may not raid.
•   Even as a citizen, if seen with a weapon other than a pistol you can be arrested.
•   You are allowed to own a gun but keep it to yourself.

Police Officer/Chief & Swat:
•   Corrupt Police Officers/Chief are not allowed.
•   You may not own illegal items. If caught, you may be demoted or even arrested by your fellow police.
•   You may not randomly shoot, harass arrest or search players without a valid RP reason.
•   Cops must only raid with due cause. Random warrants will result in a demote.
•   Cops should destroy enemy printers but may keep weaponry and store it at the PD.
•   Only the police and the mayor may build in the Police Department.
•   After each arrest you must /advert “reason here” as to why he was arrested.

Gun Dealer:
•   Gun Dealers may NOT raid, ever.
•   You must NOT use this job as a personal weapon supply. Caught abusing it will lead to a kick.
•   You MUST establish some form of shop at all times.
•   Once made a Gun Dealer, you have 10 minutes to make a base before an admin can demote you.
•   Gun Dealers can be part of gangs you must change your /job to "name of gang" gundealer.
•   It is legal for you to sell weapons to the Police/SWAT, but you do not have to.
•   A gun dealer may purchase weapons for themselves to protect their shop. These weapons may not be used for anything else.

Security Guard:
•   When using this job you should be hired. Either to protect a player or his items.
•   You must not abuse this job.

•   You may heal for free, or you may charge.
•   Medics may be part of gangs you must change your /job to "name of gang" medic.

•   This is a very respectable job.
•   You are the man in charge. You govern the police chief and make the laws of the town. However they may not go against the server rules.
•   Any abuse of this job will lead to demotion.
•   You may not hunt criminals.
•   You may not abuse lockdown. You can only have a lockdown with a valid reason.
•   You may not own printers.
•   You may not own a weapon larger than a pistol.
•   You may not make laws that relate to killing someone due to their job / class

•   Spamming bugbait will get you kicked/demoted/arrested.
•   Throwing bugbait is a hostile action and you may be attacked for doing so.
•   Singing (Right clicking with bugbait equipped) is perfectly legal.
•   You are a hobo, you do not own a home.
•   Hobo’s are the local crazy homeless, they may own guns. They still must keep them a secret to avoid being arrested.
•   ONLY Hobo's are allowed to build outside, but not on the roads.
•   Hobos may not Raid!
•   Hobos can not kidnap or mug.

Mob boss:
•   You are supposed to lead a gang. Please do so.
•   Agenda: Use this properly. “Kill cops” is not a proper assignment.

•   You do not have to, but are expected to join the gang of the “Mob boss”.
•   RP properly and you may do anything from robbery to beating someone up for money.
•   You May Not Raid The Same Base Within 10 Minutes of the last raid.

•   You break into people’s homes and rob shops/banks.
•   You may NOT camp in your base as this job.
•   When Raiding you MUST /advert raid BEFORE ENTERING the premises. (This means no calling raid inside AT ALL)
•   You May Not Raid The Same Base Within 10 Minutes of the last raid.

Black Market Dealer:
•   Black Market Dealers may NOT raid, ever.
•   Black Market Dealer's jobs are illegal and must be kept secret. They MUST sell items to players but must do it secretly.
•   You must NOT use this job as a personal weapon supply. Caught abusing it will lead to demotion.
•   Black Market Dealers can NOT be part of gangs.
•   It is ILLEGAL for you to sell weapons to the Police/SWAT, you may not sell anything to them.
•   A Black Market Dealer may purchase weapons for themselves to protect themselves and their shops. These weapons may not be used for anything else.

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PostSubject: Locked   Sun May 22, 2016 3:17 pm

Thanks, theoldnitee

This post will be locked to prevent further posts.

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Server Rules
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