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 Update Logs

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PostSubject: Update Logs   Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:12 pm

Server Update Logs

5/17/16 - Spent most of the night coding and setting up the server, stayed up all night trying to figure the stupid jobs out and i still didn't get to the models being changed :/ i'll get to it within the next day or two. -TheChosenJuan

5/18/16 - Server is built and running, currently off my personal computer but it will be moved to a trusted computer to keep it secure and running efficiently. Working on Coding and Total Customization. Hope to see you on the server. ( -TheChosenJuan

I will put what I am currently working on here.
Server is being built so give it some time.

Green highlighted words - Completed
Yellow highlighted words - In progress
Red highlighted words - Not started yet

Future Updates
- Dark Rp GameMode
- CounterStrike Source
- Ulx Admin
- Drugz Mod
- M9k Weapon Base
- Stability with server
- Go-Kart Vehicles for Admins or Respected.  
- Ark Banking System
- Server Addons   
- If you have any suggestions add TheChosenJuan on steam (
Updates may vary


Currently None

Currently None

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Update Logs
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